Farm raised meat

Beef, Pork and Lamb

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Our meat selections


Cattle raised on the farm on grass as they should be. No hormones, antibiotics only if they get sick and then more than the legal withdrawl time is taken, Grain finished to give that right amount of fat and great flavor!

Grass raised
Grain finished
Excellent flavor


Heritage breed pigs have the BEST flavor!  The difference in taste is amazing!  Our pigs are raised on pasture out in the dirt digging and exercising.  They are fed a combination of grains from the local feed mill to supplement what they get naturally.  

Pasture raised
Hormone free
wonderful marbled flavor


Our Katahdin sheep are 100% grassfed.  They grow naturally in the field eating as they are designed to eat.  Babies live with mom, she nurses them as long as she wants to.  Healthy happy sheep produce wonderful meat.  

100% grassfed
Hormone free

How we raise our animals

Happy animals make great meat! 

We raise our animals as close to natural as possible.  Our animals are outside, exercising in a natural manor, eating as they are designed, and getting just the right amount of fat.  
Our animals receive no hormones ever.  If they get sick we give antibiotics for the prescribed time and adhere to all withdrawal times plus before they are processed.  
These practices make our meat delicious! Our meat is healthy, nutritious, and safe for your family.  




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